Department of Lands COVID-19 Updates

This page is reviewed daily. Last updated: March 25, 2020

NWT COVID-19 updates

Department of Lands program and service availability during COVID-19

  • Applications for a commercial, recreational, residential and industrial leases (Postponed)
  • Applications for a land use permits (Postponed)
  • ATLAS Mapping (Available – no change in service)
  • Inspections and enforcement (Available – no change in service)
  • Land and water securities (Available – altered or limited service)
  • Land Use Planning Forum - May 5-6, Yellowknife (Postponed)
  • Land Use Planning GIS Workshop - March 25-26, Yellowknife (Postponed) 
  • Make a payment (Available – altered or limited service)
  • Project assessment (Available – altered or limited service)
  • Quarrying permits (Postponed)
  • Regional and Local Offices (Closed – service available by appointment)

  • Spill Line (Available - no change in service)

Department of Lands closures

  • Department of Lands employees are being asked to work from home starting Thursday, March 19 2020.

  • Managers and employees are in discussions to ensure appropriate work arrangements are in place and essential service workers are well supported.

  • Department of Lands services are available via email only at this time. Please contact us at