Previous public engagements

Review of the Commissioner's Land Act and the Northwest Territories Lands Act 

The Department prepared an engagement paper which explains the sections of the legislation that we want to make revisions to. The comment period on the paper has now closed. 

Yellowknife periphery area recreation management planning public engagements 

Between May 4 and July 29, 2016 the public was invited to engage in discussions about recreational use and issues in the Yellowknife periphery area as part of the recreation managment planning process for the area.

Recreational Leasing Management Framework public engagements

2016 public engagements

In October and November 2016, the Department of Lands completed eight engagement sessions in seven communities across the NWT. Public engagement focused on the vision, goals, and supporting priorities of the draft Framework.

2015 public engagements

The Department of Lands began reviewing the way it manages public land for recreational use in 2014. Public engagement opportunities in 2015 was designed to encourage participants to contribute ideas for how recreational leasing should be managed in the future.