Securities and Project Assessment

The Securities and Project Assessment Division is responsible for the overall coordination of GNWT participation in environmental assessments and securities management for major resource development projects. The Division is subdivided into two functional units:

The Project Assessment Branch

The Project Assessment Branch coordinates GNWT participation in environmental assessments in the NWT and neighbouring jurisdictions. In consultation with other departments, the branch reviews and analyzes board recommendations in order to provide procedural support to GNWT responsible ministers under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, and to GNWT decision-makers under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. The Project Assessment Branch assists the Minister of Lands with decision-making and Aboriginal consultation responsibilities in relation to reports from the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Environmental Impact Review Board. The Branch leads development of GNWT best practices for environmental impact assessment, including GNWT input to guidelines, workshops, and other initiatives.

Securities Coordination Unit

Securities Coordination Unit coordinates the government’s responsibilities for environmental liabilities and financial assurances for major resource development projects, including responsibilities for holding securities transferred from the federal government under the Devolution Agreement. The unit supports a collaborative and coordinated approach among departments, central agencies and resource management boards, maintains a securities tracking system, and leads policy development efforts related to liabilities and securities.