Apply for a Land Use Permit - Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Land use permit - Inuvialuit Settlement Region: required to conduct a specific land use activity that is above the threshold set out in the applicable regulations. Land use permitting in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region is governed by the Northwest Territories Land Use Regulations

Land use permits are issued by the Department of Lands.


Permit application fee: $250 for Class A or a Class B permit, plus land use fees.


Permit application:

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Land Use Permit Application Form


Land use permit: Mackenzie Valley

The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board and its regional panels regulate the use of land and water and the deposit of waste through the issuance of land use permits and water licences.

Application form: Contact the appropriate land and water board for land use permit application forms in the Mackenzie Valley.

The regional panels include: