Apply for a Recreational Lease

Recreational Lease: An approved lease gives the occupant the exclusive right to use the land for a specified period of time and allows the lessee to make improvements on the land. Specific terms and conditions are included in the approved lease.

Eligibility: A person over the age of 19.

Before you apply: Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to confirm that the land parcel they wish to apply for is available prior to submitting an application. Contact regional office staff to determine if a land parcel is available use the ATLAS online mapping tool.

Application form:

After you apply: An application undergoes a standard review, and consultation with Aboriginal governments, federal and other GNWT departments, where applicable. This process can take a few months to complete. If an application is rejected, the application is returned along with a letter outlining the reasons the application was rejected.

Application fee: Commissioner's Land: $250
                            Territorial Land: $250

Related Information

Agricultural land use

Agricultural land use will be considered as the Department moves forward with amendments to the Commissioner's Land Act and the Northwest Territories Lands Act, along with any review or development of associated regulations and policies. Please also contact your local government to determine how it regulates agricultural activities within community boundaries. If the land you are interested in is located within a settled land claim area, and the land is owned by a claimant group, you must apply to the owner of the land to obtain a lease and follow all planning and zoning bylaws.

For more information about agricultural activities, research, small scale foods program and the food safety program in the Northwest Territories, visit the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.

Applying for a lease in the Sahtu or Gwich’in settlement areas?

Before you apply, make sure that your proposed land use is compatible with the zoning, conformity requirements or conditions for the legally binding land use plans.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the Planning Boards for advice on how to conform to the plans: