Public Land Act (Bill 46)

The Public Land Act (Bill 46) received assent in the Legislative Assembly on August 21, 2019. This legislation was the result of the "Review of the Northwest Terriories Lands Act and Commissioner's Land Act" and broad engagement. More information about the two lands acts review is available here.


The Public Land Act addresses administrative and techincal barriers to land administration and harmonizes the pre-devolution land administration regime under the Commissioner's Land Act with the authories over public land that were devolved in 2014 under the Northwest Territories Lands Act.


The Public Land Act is a single legislative foundation that will improve clarity to the public and allow for improvements to land administration through regulations, policies, and procedures. The Public Land Act will come into force at a later date once necessary changes to regulations are prepared.


More information about regulation development and opportunities to be involved will be available soon.